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pse psychoenergie-therapie®
A method which resonates with our time
Undesirable behavioural patterns and beliefs, gained over many years, can be changed by identifying them and introducing new habits. This, however, may require some time and patience.
The techniques of the so called “Energy Psychology” methods offer a more efficient approach. An opinion which is also shared by the renowned cell biologist Dr Bruce Lipton in his books and speeches:
PSE Psychoenergie-Therapie®  is an innovative, transpersonal method. It enables the recognition of undesirable energy dynamics and the transformation of energy information on the cell level, which results in new thoughts, feelings and actions.
This corresponds with our Zeitgeist, which demands simple and effective methods to free ourselves from inappropriate energy dynamics, so that our body, mind and soul can be realigned.  
PSE Psychoenergie-Therapie® encourages the development of the individual qualities of the soul, its creative potential and the ability to choose consciously and with conviction.
The core elements of PSE Psychoenergie-Therapie®  are self-knowledge, the empowerment of the self and the development of your own judgement. Uniting the two main life forces love and will creates the unique concept "lovewill", a term coined by the PSE founder Angelika U. Reutter M.A.,
PSE Psychoenergie-Therapie®  uses the techniques of visualisations and imaginations to work with hidden aspects of the personality by recognising them and accepting them emphatically, so that they can be transformed, and their true potential is revealed. This has a positive impact on your everyday life and your relationships.