psychosoziale beratung I counselling - Raum für Wandlung

systemic couple’s counselling
You feel you aren’t being seen, heard or understood by your partner. Appreciation for each other has evaporated and the fact that your partner is so completely different to you is no longer attractive but a source of irritation. You can remember what it was like when you first met and you would like to go back to those happy times, when your relationship was harmonious and fulfilling.

And yet you know, that life moves on and there is no going back. So the question is, "How can you move forward?", when you've already tried so much?

In couple’s counselling you reconnect with your and your partner’s self and needs, in order to find out, how or if your journey can continue together as a couple – and if so, where it will take you. You find out what you both individually can bring to the relationship and what you want to get out of it. So that you are back in communication with each other and your relationship can therefore thrive again.