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wingwave® coaching
Wingwave® Coaching is a short-term coaching method which is particularly suitable to reduce performance stress e.g. exam nerves, stage-fright as well as phobias and some eating-disorders. It increases creativity and the ability to cope with conflicts and everyday pressures.
The name “Wingwave” is inspired by the butterfly metaphor which says that the flutter of a butterfly can be sufficient to create change in a different part of the world.
This means, that in Wingwave® Coaching a seemingly minor intervention can have a considerable effect on the whole system.
In order to be effective, the intervention has to be directed with great precision, for which the so called “Myostatic Test” is applied. This test is a well-researched muscle feedback tool, which helps determine the origin of the stress and the progress of the intervention.
By directed lateral eye movements, similar to the REM phase during sleep, both brain hemispheres are stimulated so that the old stress can be processed and released.